Headset aux adapter cable - 2x 3.5mm female, 1x 3.5mm male (4-pole)

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  • 3.5mm aux adapter cable - 2x 3.5mm female to 1x 3.5mm male (4-pole)
  • 4-pole 3.5mm port (CTIA standard), 3-pole 3.5mm plugs
  • For connecting an external microphone and earphones or headset with a smartphone or laptop
  • Certified production with KabelDirekt quality control

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For the best connection

The aux adapter cable transmits audio signals from smartphones or laptops to 3.5mm two-plug headsets.

Supports functions such as skip, play and microphone mute.

Best quality

Double shielding: Aluminium/Mylar foil and copper braid for low-interference signal transmission.

PVC kink-protection: Durable and long-lasting. And can even withstand frequent rigorous use.

Technical highlights

Gold-plated connectors: Crystal-clear signal transmission and a secure fit.

Pure copper wires: Optimal signal transmission.

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