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Frequently Asked Questions
1 Technical issues
1.1 Questions about HDMI products
Q: What does the HDMI version mean?
A: In the past the HDMI version number (for instance 1.3b or 1.4a) was used to mark cable products. This is not allowed any more because often suppliers marked products with wrong HDMI versions. The result was that customers often bought products in the believe that certain HDMI features are supported which was not always the case.

HDMI cables are only produced according to the following 4 HDMI cable specifications:

  • • HDMI
  • • Highspeed HDMI
  • • HDMI with Ethernet
  • • Highspeed HDMI with Ethernet
Please note that the a.m. HDMI cable specifications do not guarantee that a specific HDMI version is supported by every HDMI cable supplier/ trader. With KabelDirekt HDMI cables you are on the safe side that always the newest HDMI version is supported.

KabelDirekt HDMI cables are produced according to the standard Highspeed HDMI with Ethernet and are fully compatible with HDMI 2.0 (all available HDMI features as well as resolutions up to 4K in 3D are supported). The bandwidth of KabelDirekt HDMI cables is 18,2 GigaBit/ second.

You will find an interesting overview about the different HDMI versions by clicking on the following wikipedia link:
Q: What does Ethernet function mean ?
A: The Ethernet function means that you only require one connection to the internet ( WIFI, Ethernet cable etc.). If the other HDMI devices are connected by HDMI cables supporting the Ethernet function no additional Ethernet connection is necessary. The Ethernet signal is transferred through the HDMI cable.

You will find an interesting explanation about the Ethernet function by clicking on the following link (the Ethernet function is explained under manufacturer description):
Q: What does ARC mean ?
A: The ARC function means "Audio Return Channel". Additional audio cables are not required because the signal is transferred into both directions inside the HDMI cable.

You will find an interesting explanation about the ARC by clicking on the following link (under manufacturer description): hdmi cable

For the ARC to work properly both the ARC function as well as the CEC function have to be activated in the menus of the connected devices. The connected HDMI ports have to support the ARC too. The respective HDMI ports are often marked with ARC.
Q: What does CEC mean ?
A: CEC means the possibility to make use of simple functions like "Standby" or "Turn off/ on" several HDMI devices at the same time. The CEC function has different names depending on the TV producer ( Samsung : Anynet etc.).
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