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Welcome and thanks for registering as a KabelDirekt Premium User!

Below you will find answers to the most frequent questions.

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  1. Is there any kind of fee or obligation for KabelDirekt premium users?
    No, being a KabelDirekt premium user is completely free of charge and there are no obligations for premium users. You always have the possibility to unsubscribe from the premium user program either in the premium user e-mails or in your premium user account.
  2. How does the process work?
    You will receive an e-mail stating your e-mail address as soon as a deal is available. You will then be able to log into your account and claim the deal. Copy the code, click on the link which will lead you to the Amazon detail page and insert the code on the last page of your order. The rebate will be shown in your Amazon order before you click on the final order button.
  3. What kind of news do I get?
    News let‘s you know everything that is going on with KabelDirekt. What you will find for example are new product introductions or interviews with our CEO. With News we want you to get to know KabelDirekt better.
  4. What kind of deals are available?
    There are exklusive deals (for KabelDirekt premium users only) and shareable deals. On the one hand the code for an exclusive deal for KabelDirekt premium users will work only once and only for you. On the other hand shareable deals means that the code may be shared on facebook, twitter and other social networks. The code for shareable deals works multiple times.
  5. What happens with my data?
    We are only using your data to send you premium user e-mails. We do not share your data with third parties. We do not use your data for any kind of advertising or anything else into that direction. At the moment you will receive the following types of e-mails only: Password Change, Deal available - message, system updates, guideline updates
  6. I have further questions:
    Please send your emails to premiumuser@kabeldirekt-store.de only. We will check your enquiry as soon as possible.