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USB Charger 5 port, Modell-Nr.: 540, 541

USB Charger 4 port, Modell-Nr.: 887, 888, 889, 895

Dear Customer,

In seldom cases it could be possible that if the devices are misused with defective/hot-wired USB cables, an increased heat development might occur. By way of precaution and without prejudice we are therefore recalling the a.m. products.

Please do not use the device any longer.

Please use the form on the right side in order to request the voluntary refund of the purchase price we offer. We will consider and process your request shortly after its receipt.

Only valid invoices will be accepted as proof of a purchase. Screenshots, delivery papers etc. will not be accepted.

I confirm that I will dispose of the a.m. device/s

By transmission of the form you consent to the collection and processing of your indicated data for the purpose of reimbursement of the purchase price. We will use your data exclusively to process the reimbursement of the purchase price.

You can access our additionaly applicable data protection notice at any time via internet under

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