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KabelDirekt Guarantee

The Idel Versandhandel GmbH is anxious to offer products of best quality and highest customer satisfaction while keeping competitive prices. Strict quality control during the production process guarantees that products which we offer under our own brand name “KabelDirekt” are reliable in performance and operation during a long life time.

The Idel Versandhandel GmbH offers a guarantee of 18 months from date of purchase for all KabekDirekt products bought after 1 January 2015. This guarantee is valid only if the product is still owned by the first buyer.
Terms and Conditions of Guarantee and Replacement
The Idel Versandhandel GmbH guarantees that no material or production defects will occur during the guarantee period, if the products are used as described in the operating instructions. The guarantee applies to all products bought in Europe / USA and still owned by the first buyer, who, of course, needs to prove the date of purchase.

The Idel Versandhandel GmbH reserves the right to replace a defective product by an equivalent or a superior product. Especially in those cases when the defective product does no longer belong to the product range.

In case you notice a material or production defect during the period of warranty or guarantee, please send an e-mail to Idel Versandhandel GmbH:

The guarantee does not cover the following:
  • The guarantee does not apply in case other defects as material or production defects will be noted.
  • Incorrect use or misuse.
  • Use of the product in combination with accessories which are not permitted to use together with this product.
  • Breakdown of the product due to wrong installation or use which does not apply to the valid technical and safety regulations or due to non-compliance with the indications in the operating instructions.
  • Accidents, force majeure or reasons which are beyond the area of influence of Idel Versandhandel GmbH caused by lightning stroke, water, fire, public riots or ventilation.
  • Changes in colour or deformation of plastic parts due to heat or sun.
  • Wear and tear of leather bags or chassis parts.
  • Damage to rechargeable batteries due to overcharge or due to non-compliance with the indications for use of rechargeable batteries in the operating instructions.
  • The product got in contact with liquids / chemicals of all kind and / or was exposed to extreme temperatures, moisture or humidity.
Disclaimer of Warranty
For all products (neither with nor without guarantee) the Idel Versandhandel GmbH cannot be made liable for loss of data. Furthermore, the Idel Versandhandel GmbH is not liable for damage of property, lost time, hired or rented devices, travel expenses, loss of profit or similar. The liability of the Idel Versandhandel GmbH does only refer to the purchase price of the product.
Guarantee Period
The latest guarantee regulations of KabelDirekt apply retrospectively to all products purchased in Europe / USA after 1 January 2015.

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