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KabelDirekt statutory warranty & limited warranty
Limited warranty
Idel Versandhandel provides a limited warranty of 18 months from the date of purchase for all products from the KabelDirekt range purchased after 1 January 2015. The limited warranty is only valid if the product is in the possession of the initial buyer. Otherwise, the statutory warranty applies.
Conditions of limited warranty & replacement
Idel Versandhandel GmbH guarantees that no material or manufacturing defects will occur during the period of the limited warranty, if the products are used correctly, as described in the operating instructions. The limited warranty applies to all products purchased in Europe that are in the possession of the initial buyer and for which the initial buyer can provide proof of purchase that shows the original date of purchase.

Idel Versandhandel GmbH reserves the right to replace faulty products with a product of the same or greater value at its discretion. It will do so in particular if the faulty product is not longer available.

If material or manufacturing defects occur during the period of the statutory warranty or limited warranty, please contact Idel Versandhandel GmbH directly by email:
What the limited warranty does not cover:
The limited warranty only applies to material or manufacturing defects. Use not as intended or misuse.
Use of the product with accessories that have not been approved for use with this product. Failure of the product as the result of incorrect installation or as the result of use of the product in a manner inconsistent with applicable technical and safety standards or as a result of failure to follow the instructions in the user manual.
Accidents, force majeure and events that are outside the control of Idel Versandhandel GmbH, caused by lightning strike, water, fire, public disturbances or inadequate ventilation.
Discolouration and changes to plastic parts as a result of exposure to heat or sunlight.
Wear or signs of use on leather pouches or parts of housing.
Damage to the battery as a result of overloading or failure to follow the instructions for the battery in the user manual.
Exposure of the product to liquids/chemicals of any kind and/or extreme temperatures, moisture or humidity.
Idel Versandhandel GmbH shall not be liable for any loss of saved data for products still under limited warranty or products out of limited warranty. Idel Versandhandel GmbH shall also not be liable for financial loss, downtimes, rental or leased equipment, travel expenses, lost profits or similar losses. The liability of Idel Versandhandel GmbH is limited to the original value of the product.
Period of limited warranty
The new conditions of limited warranty for KabelDirekt apply retrospectively to all products purchased in Europe after 1 January 2015.
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