Practical bamboo boxes from KD Essentials are ideal for storing and organising all sort of items, suiting any room perfectly – whether in the home or office.

You’re not alone if cables, toys, cutlery, or that random beer mat collection are cluttering your home and you want somewhere to store these items neatly and tidily out of the way. Well, with KD Essentials mix-and-match bamboo boxes, you’ll finally have the perfect solution for storing everything that matters to you.

Tame untidiness with a range of sizes for any scenario

With their low-key wooden design, KD Essentials bamboo boxes are a perfect fit for any decor whether for the office, living room, or kids’ room – or even the kitchen where the boxes are also ideal for storing food.

Choose between three sizes (internal dimensions given):
• L (large): W 184 × L 384 × H 142mm
• M (medium): W 184 × L 184 × H 142mm
• S (small): W 184 × L 184 × H 69mm

For total flexibility, you can also mix and match KD Essentials boxes. By stacking the boxes, you can save even more precious space. M and S boxes stack perfectly together, with two of either size fitting perfectly on top of an L box.

The boxes are made from bamboo, making them really robust and giving them a high-end look. They can even take heavy loads thanks to their specially reinforced side panel edges – with the M and L boxes featuring carrying handles for extra practicality.

And if you want to hide away the contents, you can simply use a matching lid. Best of all, one lid fits any box. You’ll need two lids to cover an L box, but handily they’re available to buy as a twin pack.

Show off your eco-credentials

KD Essentials storage boxes are practical, stylish, and eco-friendly, being made 100% from sustainably sourced bamboo. Our boxes are not only great for storing your belongings, but for the environment too.

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