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Network cable accessories: Extension cables, adapters & couplers

Want to extend a network cable or have the option of connecting mobile devices with a USB-C port to your LAN? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we offer the right accessories to set up your network as you want.

Want to extend your Ethernet cable? No problem!

Your home has been freshly furnished, everything looks great, but then this: Your LAN cable is too short for your new setup. But there’s no reason to throw it away, because you can get extension cables for all types of connections – including Ethernet cables. In our shop we offer, among other things, a CAT 7 network extension cable, which can transfer data at 10Gbit/s. The extension cable is also backward compatible with slower LAN cables with RJ45 connectors. The solution really comes into its own when extending difficult-to-access fixed network cables.

The CAT 7 network extension cable is triple shielded (S/FTP), meaning each pair of wires within the network cable is surrounded individually by a foil and all four together by a braid screen. This is designed to make the cable immune to interference and noise, so you always enjoy stable data transmission – as long as your connection is up to par, of course. Keep in mind that the maximum bit rate also depends on the total cable length and the shielding of the connected cable.

Connect two LAN cables with an RJ45 coupler

Using a traditional extension cable isn’t the only way to lengthen your network cables. The world of Ethernet accessories offers a second option: Network cable couplers. You can buy CAT 6A couplers in packs of two and five from us. They are each equipped with two RJ45 ports and you use them to daisy chain two or more LAN cables (if you use multiple couplers) together to create one long cable.

This type of network cable accessory is also very practical if you want to extend fixed cables. Thanks to the CAT 6A standard, transmission speeds of up to 10Gbit/s are supported. But as with network extension cables, the following applies: The speed at which data is transferred depends on your connection, the cables used, and the overall length of the wired connection.

USB-C to Ethernet: An easy way to connect your mobile phone to your LAN

Last but not least, we offer network cable accessories that allow you to easily connect mobile devices to your network via a cable: An Ethernet USB-C adapter. Such an adapter consists of a short cable with a USB-C connector and an RJ45 port. This makes it a breeze to connect your smartphone or tablet with a USB-C port to a LAN or the internet via a cable. The same applies to notebooks or laptops with a USB-C port. Thanks to the USB-C 3.2 standard, our network cable adapter supports a maximum transmission speed of 1Gbit/s.

FAQs about network cable accessories

Can you extend CAT 7 Ethernet cables?

With our CAT 7 extension cables, you can easily extend CAT 7 cables with RJ45 connectors. If you want to daisy chain several cables together, simply use our CAT 6A couplers. Just like CAT 7 cables, it supports a maximum data transfer rate of 10Gbit/s, so there’s no need to worry about performance losses.

How do I join two LAN cables together?

You simply need couplers. They have two ports for Ethernet cables, so you can join two cables in seconds, turning them into one longer cable.

What is a USB Ethernet adapter?

With a USB Ethernet adapter, you can connect devices (which don’t have their own network cable port) to your network via a cable. Check out our store where you’ll find the perfect USB-C adapter.

Which network accessory do I need?

That depends on your specific needs. Do you have a notebook without a LAN port that you would like to connect to your network via a cable instead of Wi-Fi? Then an appropriate USB-C to Ethernet adapter makes sense (if your portable computer is compatible with USB-C or you also have a suitable adapter for it). Need to extend a LAN cable because it’s too short? Then an extension cable is a good investment – or a coupler if you have a second cable that can be used to extend the original cable.