HDMI-DVI adapter cable – bi-directional, DVI-D 24+1/High Speed HDMI cable, 1080p/Full HD, digital video cable, connect HDMI devices to DVI monitors or vice-versa, black

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  • Dual use: The HDMI-DVI cable (male/male) connects the HDMI output, such as on your PC, to your DVI monitor, TV, projector (DVI-D/24+1 or DVI-I/25+5) – or vice-versa, connecting a DVI output to an HDMI display
  • Digital image quality: Lossless video-signal transfer thanks to pure digital technology – for stunning quality at Full HD resolutions, including 1920x1080 (1080p), or with 3D video. Compatible with single-link or dual-link DVI ports
  • Optimal signal processing: High-purity copper conductors, gold-plated connectors to resist corrosion, high-density metal shielding to protect against external signal interference & multi-stage quality tests for crisp signal quality
  • Versatile: Compatible with PCs and notebooks, video game consoles, DVD/Blu-ray players, monitors, TVs & projectors. Separate audio cable required

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HDMI-DVI adapter cable from KabelDirekt

Digital, lossless image transmission for DVI and HDMI devices - our adapter cables combine top performance with maximum build quality.

Each cable undergoes multiple functional tests before it is packed.
Digital video signal for pin-sharp pciture quality

Whether TV, monitor, PC or game console: The HDMI plug fits virtually all HDMI devices.

The HDMI connector fits practically any HDMI device – including TVs, monitors, PCs & video game consoles.

Technical highlights

High-density metal shielding protects the high-purity copper conductors from external signal interference.

Dual-link DVI technology for pin-sharp quality at Full HD resolutions including 1920x1080 (1080p).

The small knurled screws secure the large DVI connector to the device.
Additional advantages

More screen space for work and entertainment.

Ideal for older equipment with a DVI port.

Full HD resolution for presentations or home cinema.

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