Cable channel/bridge/ramp, floor cable cover for up to 3 cables, black-yellow

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  • Versatile: The cable protector has a single channel 25mm × 8mm (width × height) aperture. It protects up to three 6mm- or two 7.5mm-diameter cables of any type – from copper to fibre optic & for any application from carrying data to power
  • Customisable: Simply trim the easy-to-cut, durable PVC material to your desired length and insert your cables through the aperture or easy-access slit
  • Hard-wearing: The cable channel ramp withstands heavy-duty use thanks to internal reinforcements, making it perfect for medium-to-heavy indoor foot traffic. It safely protects cables and connected devices, plus minimises trip hazards
  • External dimensions: 80mm × 13mm (width × height). Supplied rolled. Easy to deploy: Simply unroll, cut, then lay

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Internal reinforcements make these channels perfect for medium-to-heavy indoor foot traffic

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