KD Essentials – Metal cable basket, single or twin pack – cable bracket and tray, tool-free mounting

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  • Neat & tidy cables: This cable basket is a space-saving way to keep clunky extension leads, power adapters & unsightly cable clutter safe and out of sight beneath your desk
  • Secure hold: C-clamps with knurled screws allow for easy attachment to the side of your desk (any thickness from 10 mm to 35 mm) all without drilling any holes
  • Perfect size: Stows regular extension leads and power adapters
  • Made from premium powder-coated steel in sleek black. Ideal for extension leads, power adapters & cables

The metal case basket by KD Essentials

A clever cable management for a tidy workspace environment

The cable holder is a space-saving way to both hide and protect bulky multi plug sockets, power adapters and unsightly cable clutter - underneath the desk or on desk edges, cabinets or walls

Technical highlights

Full metal construction – Made entirely out of high-strength steel

Rounded edges – Attractive design with added safety thanks to gently curved corners and edges

Hide your cables for a neat and safe environment

Keep cables safe and out of sight beneath your desk


Tool-free mounting

Mount the cable tray tool-free to your desk or table. Additionally, there are screw-holes to mount it on a wall.

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