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KD Essentials

Bamboo monitor stand from KD Essentials

Bamboo monitor stand from KD Essentials


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  • Ergonomic: The stand elevates your monitor by 9.8cm for improved ergonomic comfort when using your computer. Good posture when sitting and a correct screen viewing angle can help prevent neck and back pain
  • Space-saving: At 60cm wide, there’s loads of space for your monitor or laptop as well as pens, documents, and all your other office essentials. And beneath, there’s storage space for your mouse and keyboard once you’re done for the day
  • Stylish: Premium materials give the monitor stand a classic look that will look good on any desktop
  • Solid: the rock-solid design can take a heavy 25kg load, and can therefore carry all available monitors, notebooks and all-in-one PC's

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Bamboo monitor stand from KD Essentials

Make your workplace an ergonomic haven:

This sustainable bamboo monitor stand from KD Essentials is well made and comes with maximum build quality

Like all our products, the bamboo monitor stand has been tested extensively for you to experience the ultimate performance with premium materials.

100% bamboo for ultimate sustainability: Boost your ergonomic comfort and your eco-credentials knowing that the wooden board on our monitor stand is made from sustainably sourced bamboo – something we care deeply about.

Smart cable management system: Keep those monitor cables out of sight thanks to the central cutout at the back of the stand and allow your monitor stand’s sleek design to take centre stage on your clutter-free desktop.

Sturdy metal frame with a heavy load capacity: Use our monitor stand with any of the latest monitors, all-in-one PCs, or iMacs thanks to its rock-solid design that can handle a heavy load of up to 25kg.

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A better view to mix work with pleasure

The most ergonomic way to use your computer when in a seated position is to ensure your eyes are level with the top edge of your monitor. Since some monitors are not height-adjustable, our bamboo monitor stand helps you achieve this so you can stay focused and comfortable.

Greater ergonomic comfort for your wellbeing

The monitor stand elevates your monitor by 9.8cm for greater ergonomic comfort, better health & increased productivity.
Increased productivity

Sitting upright is good for your body and mind.

It helps you relax so you can focus fully on the task at hand.

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