3 cable set 6Gb/s SATA data cables– 30 cm or 60 cm, straight or angled connectors, black, nylon-sleeved

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  • The three SATA cables with 7-pin connectors (male/male) are perfect for connecting hard drives/HDDs (2.5” or 3.5”), SSDs, CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives/burners to your PC’s motherboard
  • The SATA III standard supports data transfer speeds of up to 6Gbit/s for ultra-fast SSDs. The cables also support the older SATA I and II standards
  • The flat cables are really easy to organize inside the PC case and are protected by a robust nylon sheath. Metal latches on the connectors prevent the cables from disconnecting
  • For data transfer only. Separate power cable required

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SATA cables from KabelDirekt

KabelDirekt SATA cables offer incredible versatility and ultimate performance combined with premium materials and maximum build quality

For a tidy cable management inside your PC

SATA III cables – right-angled and straight – transfer data at up to 6Gbit/s

Featuring a nylon sleeve to help you lay out your cables neatly


Compatible with internal PC components, including HDDs, SSDs & optical drives

The cables also support the older SATA I and II standards

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