USB C Cable - USB 2.0, Power Delivery 3, black

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  • USB-C connectors (male/male) for use with many devices
  • USB 2.0 standard for transfer speeds of up to 480 megabits per second
  • Device charging at up to 100W (5A/20V) thanks to Power Delivery 3 (Profile 5)
  • Available in black & white variants

Millions of customers trust KabelDirekt

KabelDirekt USB-C cables offer extensive compatibility and ultimate performance combined with premium materials and maximum build quality

We're also offering a 36-month warranty

Universal connectivity

Enjoy multi-device compatibility thanks to the cable’s symmetrical, orientation-agnostic USB-C connectors

For use with PCs, notebooks, smartphones, tablets & many other devices and gadgets

Fast data transfer

USB 2.0 standard for up to 480Mbit/s

For fast data transfer between devices

Speedy charging

Plug in and recharge at up to 100W (5A/20V) thanks to Power Delivery 3 (Profile 5) and the integrated chip

Power your compatible smartphones, tablets & notebooks/MacBooks or charge them in no time at all

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