Want to build your own gaming PC? Top of your list should be a powerful graphics card, a fast processor, and other high-performance hardware – as well as suitable cables.

Computers have long since ceased being pure work horses, with people already gaming on them in the ’80s. At that time, however, nobody ever spoke about gaming PCs. Today, things are completely different. Especially in Germany, many people prefer gaming on their PCs with a mouse and keyboard instead of on a video game console. But if you value powerful hardware and high performance, you shouldn’t just focus on fast components – the quality of the cables you use also plays a key role. That’s why our shop stocks all the PC cables you could ever need for your gaming computer. Read on to learn more.

DisplayPort for a super-smooth gaming experience

Without a graphics card, a computer cannot render visually complex games and, above all, display them smoothly – and you can’t even see those fancy graphics without a monitor. And just as you need a graphics card and a screen to immerse yourself in virtual worlds, you also need the right cable that connects the two. A DisplayPort connection is best if you like to play fast-paced games and competitive multiplayer shooters.

With a DisplayPort 1.4 cable from our shop, you can even enjoy games in 4K with triple-digit refresh rates of up to 240fps. Of course, to do that you need a very powerful graphics card and a monitor capable of supporting such a high refresh rate. If you own high-end hardware and want to game as smoothly as possible, DisplayPort is the best choice.

Today’s graphics cards also have at least one HDMI port, so you do at least have an alternative – but even Ultra High Speed cables based on the relatively recent 2.1 standard max out at 120Hz at 4K. That’s still pretty good, but more is always better in this case. There’s a good reason why dedicated gaming monitors have a refresh rate of at least 144Hz. By the way: DisplayPort 1.4 also supports 8K at 60Hz, but that’s still unattainable for most monitors.

Get a headset extension cable for relaxed gaming in the living room

If you game a lot online, you’ll probably prefer to wear a headset instead of using your speakers. With a headset, you can voice chat with other players and, for example, hear the direction of footsteps or shots in a multiplayer shooter much more easily. If you’re sitting at your desk, a short headphone cable probably won’t be a problem. But what if you’ve hooked up your computer to the TV because you want to sit comfortably on the couch and enjoy your favourite games on the big screen?

If you don’t have a wireless headset at hand in such a case, you’ll usually need an extension cable. We stock headset extension cables ranging in length from 0.5 to 10m – so PC gamers who like to game in the living room will definitely find what they’re after. End-to-end shielding and gold-plated connectors offer flawless signal transmission, while the PVC jacket provides robust protection without sacrificing flexibility. And so that you can use all your headset’s features (microphone, play and pause music, and skip tracks), the extension cable also has 4-pole connectors.

When gaming, connect to your network using a cable instead of Wi-Fi

While you can connect your PC to the internet via Wi-Fi, gamers prefer to use good old Ethernet cable for a stable connection. The type of cable you choose depends primarily on how well you want to future-proof yourself. Cat 6 cables already support a transfer rate of up to 1Gbit/s, making it a good choice especially since few homes in Europe today are likely to have an internet connection that exceeds this speed.

The more expensive Cat 7 and Cat 8 cables transfer data at a much faster 10 or 40Gbit/s, respectively. So, no matter which variant you choose you’ll always get the most out of your connection, which is important for gamers. Games are getting bigger and are mostly available as digital downloads these days. And let’s not forget that updates now often weigh in at several gigabytes. As such, you should extract every last drop of speed from your connection to keep download times short – something you can do even better with an Ethernet cable instead of using your Wi-Fi connection.

Bring order to your gaming computer with cable ties

Cases with a glass panel are trending in the PC gaming sector. After all, why would you want to hide away your expensive hardware in a closed metal box when you can show it off in all its glory?! But if you’ve got cables going every which way inside of the case, it won’t really add to your computer’s inner good looks. That’s where cable management comes in to tame the cable jungle! Say hello to cable ties, which allow you to route cables neatly and tidily so as not to spoil your work of art. But it’s not just about the visuals – orderly cable management also ensures better airflow in the case, which in turn benefits hardware cooling. In addition, by using cable ties you ensure that no cables can get caught up in the CPU fan.

We stock practical, reusable cable ties in assorted sizes. Thanks to a special locking mechanism, you can easily release a cable tie once it’s been tightened simply by applying light pressure. Alternatively, you can use hook-and-loop cable ties. We offer these in packs of 16 individual ties as well as in rolls so you can cut your cable ties to suit. The rolls are available in black or white.

By the way, our range also includes other cables for the inside of your PC to connect fans and drives to your motherboard or PSU.

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