With our speaker cables, you get to enjoy the best sound quality – once you’re done with the cabling. Banana plugs can help here.

If you have an expensive hi-fi system with an amplifier in your living room, you also want to enjoy the best possible sound quality. For this you need high-quality cables. The same goes for film lovers who don’t want to cut any corners when watching films in their home cinema. Read on to learn more.

Copper cable for any room of any size

In our shop we offer high-quality speaker cables for the perfect sound experience. They are available in different sizes, so you’re sure to find one that suits. Choose between 2x 1.5mm², 2x 2.5mm², and 2x 4mm² (the dimensions indicate the cross-sectional area of the copper cable). Depending on which one you go for, lengths of 10 to 50m are available. This means that professional sound engineers who are looking for speaker cables for events in larger spaces, such as concerts, will also find what they’re after.

Our cables are made in Germany – the home of premium quality – as reflected in the standard of our cables. The strands are made of pure copper, so you’re not getting just aluminium wrapped in a copper jacket. The cables are also incredibly flexible, so there’s no rigidity to spoil the party when it comes to laying the cables around the room.

Connecting speaker cables made easy

Some may find it a bit fiddly to hook up speaker cables. It’s not because of the risk of knowing which end goes where – that’s why they’re colour-coded to prevent exactly that. Rather, the problem is that the cables don’t have plugs by default. But there is a simple solution for this: Our banana plugs. They’re available in packs of five or ten pairs and are compatible with cables with a cross section of 2x 1.5mm² to 2x 6mm². This means you can combine the plugs with any speaker cable from our shop.

Banana plugs make hooking up your speaker cables a whole bunch easier. This applies above all when space is tight, such as when the socket panel on your amp is cramped. Fiddling around with fine cable strands is enough to drive anyone crazy. With banana plugs, you save yourself this hassle: Simply insert the cable ends and fix the strands with the two screws. Your cable won’t go slipping out of the plug again, and you’ll prevent contact resistance.

All this means is that banana plugs come in very handy, even for those who are well versed in installing speaker wire. And thanks to 24K gold plating, they boast unbeatable quality and are permanently protected against corrosion.

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