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Do you require larger quantities of our products for your company? Would you like cables with your own logo or other special designs? Then register your company as a KabelDirekt business customer. From now on, you can make your purchase from us even more efficient, for example with convenient payment on account and benefit from automated discounts and individual offers - all with excellent service.
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Cables for business customers

Whether PC, network, or USB cables – our high-quality products are perfect for office use. As a business customer, you can order our cable solutions in bulk at attractive prices and enjoy easy fulfilment and premium quality.

Benefits for business customers

As a business customer, you can enjoy a wide range of advantages with us. Simply register your company or authority as a CableDirect B2B customer and create a business account with us. When you sign in to your account, you’ll benefit from:

  • Quick & easy shopping
  • Automated discounts and special offers
  • Convenient invoice credit terms with order number and VAT shown separately
  • Generous payment terms
  • Personal advice and first-class service

Cables for business customers – perfect for business needs

Every organisation’s needs differ depending on its type and size. To meet yours, CableDirect offers products that cover your requirements exactly with bulk ordering and customised cables.

Whatever you choose, you can always depend on the premium quality of our solutions. Behind every cable lies a sophisticated in-house development system and a stringent, multi-stage testing procedure – your guarantee of flawless functionality.

Should there be any reason for complaint, you can rest assured knowing that you’re covered by our 36-month manufacturer's warranty. Or if you need further details about any of our products, you know you can just reach out to our team who are always there to support you.

High-quality cables for any application

We offer matching computer cables for business customers, with every connector type available. Nowadays, practically every organisation depends on electronic devices – and of course they need to be connected together. As each industry has different needs, our extensive range covers every type of requirement.

PC cables

Whether office, conference room, or home office– in everyday business life, laptops and PCs are essential. A basic set up requires not only the devices themselves but also all the cables to utilise the full range of functions. Top of the list come HDMI and DisplayPort cables. Both perform the same function: With their high bandwidth, they transmit high-res video and audio signals losslessly. This is why they’ve established themselves as the number one choice for connecting to monitors and projectors.

USB cables

The USB cable is one of the most ubiquitous interfaces for data transmission and is used to connect numerous peripherals. These include webcams and mics for meetings, external hard drives and USB sticks, printers as well as keyboards and mice. The interface truly has become an indispensable part of everyday work life.

Ethernet cables

While Wi-Fi has conquered the home, you should go for cables for company networks. There are many reasons why: Higher speed, increased reliability, especially if your organisation has many users, and higher security. High-quality components lie at the heart of fail-safe network connectivity – this includes the cables. With our network cables, you get to choose from a variety of performance classes, so you’ll always find the perfect cable to suit your organisation’s needs.


Want to hook up your old monitor to your new laptop? You’ll often run into issues. If you update some of your office equipment, this often gives rise to compatibility issues – the number one culprit often being the connector types. As soon as new tech hits the market, it replaces the previous technologies. You can avoid these issues with our versatile adapter solutions.

Cables branded with your own company logo

Draw attention to yourself with cables branded with your own logo – perfect as a gift, to advertise your brand, or for use in your organisation. We can produce these branded cables for you, for a truly professional appearance. Labelled cables are not only effective in terms of advertising – they also make everyday life easier. Never make a mistake again with clearly labelled connections and know what goes where or what’s plugged into what. No matter if you’re looking for high-quality labelled cables or other custom-made products, we’ll get it sorted for you.

Be more organised with professional cable management solutions

A tidy desk makes for a better working environment and increases employee concentration, motivation, and productivity. Taming the chaos is not always easy given the plethora of devices and cables. Thankfully, we’re on hand to support you with practical cable-management solutions, including power strips, cable baskets, cable ties, storage boxes, and monitor risers. A tidy desk also improves workplace safety, because cables lying around pose a trip hazard.


Can I shop now and pay later?

Authorities, public institutions, schools, and universities as well as commercial customers can enjoy credit terms.*

Does CableDirect also offer white-label cables?

All of our cables are available as white-label products so you can customise them with your own logo. Get in touch and share your thoughts.

Can I get a bespoke quote?

Simply call us on +49 (0)40 537997410 or email b2b@kabeldirekt-store.de and we’ll be happy to send you a bespoke quote in just a few hours. 

Can CableDirect also supply in bulk quantities?

We keep over 3 million products on stock and can also supply all common cable types in bulk at short notice. Simply get in touch for a bespoke quote on favourable terms. If a product is unavailable in sufficient quantities, we’ll always try to supply it as soon as possible.

* In certain cases, we reserve the right not to offer credit terms.