Pure copper speaker cables – Stereo speaker cables Made in Germany with polarity markings

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  • Made in Germany: State-of-the-art manufacturing practices and rigorous standards ensure a flexible loudspeaker cable of the highest quality.
  • Made using the highest quality material: We use 0.2mm strands of pure copper and a durable yet flexible PVC sheath to achieve the exceptional signal quality and longevity.
  • Perfect sound quality: Connect your HiFi, home cinema or speaker system with high-end cables from KabelDirekt for an unforgettable sound experience.
  • Easy to install: With no stiff shielding material inside and a polarity marking on the outside, your KabelDirekt cable is both, thin and flexible as well as easy to install.

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Made in Germany

State-of-the-art manufacturing and rigorous testing ensure maximum quality.
Pure copper

Enjoy a clear audible difference thanks to the pure copper wire strands in each wire – you won’t find lower-quality CCA (copper-clad aluminium) here.
Fine copper strands

0.2mm- or 0.1mm-diameter strands for exceptional signal quality and routing flexibility so you get the most out of your sound system.

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