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Mini-TOSLINK cable – digital audio cable, optical, TOSLINK to Mini-TOSLINK, fiber optic, black

Mini-TOSLINK cable – digital audio cable, optical, TOSLINK to Mini-TOSLINK, fiber optic, black


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  • TOSLINK connector: Digital audio transmission from devices with a mini-TOSLINK connector such as iMac (2010-15), Mac mini (2007-14), Mac Pro (2013), MacBook Pro (2012-15), AirPort Express, Chromecast Audio, Intel NUC & some MP3 players
  • Pure sound: Thanks to digital fiber optic technology (TOSLINK, S/PDIF with fiber optic cable), the audio signal is completely immune to electromagnetic interference – for stunning sound quality
  • IMPORTANT: Mini-TOSLINK cables carry digital audio signals but cannot convert them to analog (or vice versa). This cable is not a converter and is unsuitable for connecting to the 3.5mm headphone jack on regular smartphones
  • Technical highlights: Gold-plated connectors, flexible, anti-kink design PVC cable, metal casing for durability
Millions of customers trust KabelDirekt

Immerse yourself in unforgettable sound with KabelDirekt TOSLINK cables. Experience ultimate performance combined with premium materials and maximum build quality. And enjoy total peace of mind knowing that every cable is put through multiple functionality tests before being packed.

The Mini Toslink cable - perfect for notebooks such as the MacBook

The most common usage scenario is to connect a notebook to an amp

Optical signal transmission: Total immunity to external interference thanks to optical TOSLINK signal transmission.

Technical highlights

Gold-plated connectors for longevity and protection against corrosion.

Ultra-durable metallic grey sleeves protect the plug to withstand the rigours of continual insertion and removal.

A fully flexible PVC jacket with precision manufacturing to provide the longest lasting optical cables available.
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