Experience Communicator programme

Become an Experience Communicator!

If you’re a blogger, vlogger, social media enthusiast, or simply a fan of KabelDirekt and you’re bursting to put our products through their paces and share your experiences with your followers, simply register with us as an Experience Communicator.

You’re free to share your experiences either in writing or as videos.

What are you looking for in an Experience Communicator?

  • Passionate about testing products
  • Already blogging/vlogging or posting on social media about tech
  • Able to provide us with a detailed breakdown of your testing procedure, including the components to be used

How do I send my application to KabelDirekt?

  1. Complete our contact form
  2. Select a product that you want to explore to then share your experiences with your followers*
  3. Upload your application letter together with your planned testing procedure

We’ll email you if you’re selected to be an Experience Communicator. Once you confirm you want to get involved and have shared your shipping address** details with us, we’ll send you a free sample product.

All you need to do then is share your experiences with your chosen channel within 14 days of receiving the sample. Just let us know if you need a bit longer for testing or can’t complete your testing by the deadline because things didn’t go as expected.

In your feedback report, please link to the page of the product you’re testing.

*While you may apply to test multiple products, you can only test one product at a time. If you have already been selected to test a product, this test must first be completed before you can be considered for further product tests.

**We will treat your data confidentially in accordance with data protection guidelines.