6.3mm instrument cable - headphone jack lead cable, guitar lead with jack plugs

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  • Whether live, in the studio or in private: Thanks to the precision-made plug and its great flexibility, the KabelDirekt instrument cable always provides an optimum and tuneful connection in your chosen area of use
  • Robust yet so flexible: Despite its external diameter of 7.9mm and the AWG 21 (ø 0.7mm) copper core, our cable is easy to unwind and roll back up without any problem
  • No memory effect: When designing the cable, we ensured that no loops form when it has been unwound, thereby avoided a potential trip hazard
  • Compatible: E-guitars, bass guitars, keyboards, amplifiers, and other instruments

Millions of customers trust KabelDirekt

The 6.3mm instrument cable from KabelDirekt

KabelDirekt instrument cables offer extensive compatibility and ultimate performance combined with maximum build quality. The quality and functionality of every cable is checked multiple times before being packed.

Technical highlights

Reliable: The high-purity copper cable is protected by a copper braid and safely soldered to the connectors.

Tension-proof: The integrated strain relief allows use under harsh conditions.


Suitable for outdoor use: The flexible sheathing of the copper cable and the plugs protects against moisture and water splashes.

Multi functional

The jacks in 6.3 mm are ideal for electric guitars, synthesizers, mixers and many other music devices.

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